Blog: Autumn.

November 2022

Autumn Blog: November

Autumn is here in full magnificent splendor.

It is beautiful here in the hills with the snowpack still on the ground. I have been told it is early for this much snow and I wasn’t expecting it to snow me in. My pantry is bare, and I hadn’t stocked the refrigerator either. Lesson learned now. Always keep the pantry stocked.

I currently have two spontaneous writing groups active. One of them I lead and the other one we rotate leadership. It is so rich to be able to share thoughts and feelings with others. We are continuing to use zoom for our gatherings as the members of these groups are from different areas in the State and one is from out of State. Our gatherings are so rich, and connections are built stronger every meeting. There is so much emotional support that we can offer one another through our writings. This tool is very grounding and centering for each that participate. New insights seem to spark each week we meet.

I am so grateful for the connections with these groups of amazing women. I am Blessed with the support and the relationships we continue to build.

There is so much to be Thankful for during this season of Thanksgiving.