Blog for July

Journal writing has been encouraged for years as a method for self-expression for sorting out feelings, recounting memories or experiences, and for discernment of all variety of issues. A journal allow us to keep a record of thoughts, goals, impressions and experiences to return to rereading for greater understanding of ourselves and how we transform.

Expressive writing in a group using a prompt; be it a word, a poem, a verse from a song or limerick, brings us to a different place within ourselves. This practice allows us to write freely on what comes to mind from a prompt in the moment. It is in the reading aloud to others who receive our words with compassionate presence, without fear of criticisms or judgements, that allows new understanding and self-acceptance to occur. Participation in an expressive writing group allows us to experience the vastness of themes that can be generated from the same prompt. It allows us to let the words land and resonate within us, to open us up to the wonders of life experiences we all carry. It can offer us a new perspective on possible biases we carry, and we may not even be aware of. We may discover wounds that we still carry that had been pushed out of our conscience thoughts. We may discover joys that had been forgotten and not shared with others. Participation in an expressive writing group or as I am calling a Writing Circle has the potential to change our perception in ways we had not imagined.

Engaging in a practice of expressive writing circles over time will build emotional and cognitive resilience, it will slow reactionary responses to emotional triggers, and will allow for a reframing of our own wounds. There is an alchemy that can occur that is truly healing.

Join one of the Writing Medicine Circles for a 6-week free experience that begins on July 21st. Sign up for either the 10:00 am to noon writing circle or the 6:00 to 8:00 pm circle. These writing circles will be done via zoom. Each circle will be limited to 8 people. Look forward to meeting you and sharing this experience.