A Book Discussing the Significance of Writing in Medicine

Sacred Writings Book-Writing Medicine

“Writing Medicine” 

The use of writing in medical circles is called “Narrative medicine” This is an interdisciplinary field that brings narrative writing skills, radical listening, and creativity from the humanities and the arts. The use of these skills is then translated to address the needs of all who seek and deliver healthcare. It gives voice to patients and caregivers allowing their experiences to be heard, to be recognized, and to be valued with the goal to improve the delivery of healthcare. This description reflects the evolving transdisciplinary field of inquiry to address issues of structural inequality and social justice in healthcare. The term “expressive writing” is used to define a method of writing on deeper thoughts and emotional sensations as a tool to alleviate physical and psychological symptoms. The term “writing medicine” has come to describe both an individual benefit as well as a group experience. “Writing medicine” is the term my circle of Nurse Practitioners has called our once-a-month gathering for writing. We have found through our word-focused spontaneous writings together that healing can and does occur. Though this form of writing is not a therapy, it can bring a sense of well-being and confidence that is vital to our mental health and creativity. This is the definition of “writing medicine” that is used for this purpose and is defined, described, and shared in my book “Sacred Words Written by Women in Medicine”. 

Book cover of Sacred Writing by Women in Medicine
A circle formed by trees in the forest

Book Launch / Writing Workshop

A one-day deep writing workshop and a stroll in the hidden forest
Includes book, journal, lunch, etc.